Sergey Smirnov

I am a software developer and a computer science student based in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. I currently attend NYU's Polytechnic School of Engineering.

I'm intrigued by great design, photography, classical music, big cities, delicious coffee, and just about anything in between.

I'm a strong believer in that technology should work for us, rather than the opposite, and I invite you to learn about me, my work, and follow me on various social media channels!


New York University

Teaching Assistant, September 2015 - present

I was appointed as a teaching assistant for an introductory computer science course at my university (NYU Poly). I graded homework and lab submissions, wrote homework assignments, taught lab and recitation sections, and interacted with students on my own time online through Piazza. The course is CS-UY 1114, and I was on the team for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters.

Electric Motor Werks

Software developer intern, June 2015 - present

During the summer of 2015, I interned with Electric Motor Werks, where I helped shape the web application for their JuiceBox products. I worked on the Azure cloud platform and the ASP.NET framework, making sure the application runs smoothly and looks beautiful on mobile and desktop devices. I implemented an administration dashboard for the JuiceBox engineering and production teams and built interactive graphing and statistical models for the customer-facing side.

After the summer, I worked during my winter break and currently into this year to improve their notifications system, fix bugs and refactor things on the full stack.

Awesome IT

IT Engineer, October 2014 - present

In October 2014, along with four other people, I assisted in the founding of Awesome IT, LLC and became one of the first IT engineers on board. My primary focus is Windows client and server administration, as well as exposure to the vSphere ESXi platform. I set up Windows servers, DNS, Active Directories, and DHCP, among other things, for testing and for clients.

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Emoji Platformer

Fall 2015

During my fall semester of junior year at Poly, I took a game programming class that focused on creating simple 2D games in C++ using SDL 2.0. For the final project, I was inspired by a flash game that my friends and I used to play back in middle school (it was called Smiley Platformer), and made my attempt at making a similar game, but instead using Emojis, and of course, SDL instead of Flash. The end result was much smoother than expected, and was very well liked with the rest of the class.

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Fall 2015

In my Android Programming course, my semester-long project (along with two other grad students) was to create a scavenger hunting application. The users can sign up, create their own "quests" of scavenger hunts, and add their own landmarks for others to find. The app isn't the prettiest out there, but it sure is my very first real attempt at making an Android application after not touching Java since high school.

GitHub link

Paly Robotics Website

Spring 2010 - Summer 2013

At the end of my freshman year of high school, I was given the responsibility of remaking and updating the website for my high school's robotics team, FRC #8 - Paly Robotics. As I was still learning how to program, I learned how to manage Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and MovableType content management systems and how to make and modify their themes. Although this is a very basic project, it was my first major step into the web development world and allowed me to learn the impact a website has on a business, or in this case, a high school robotics team.


Spring 2015

As an assignment for a PHP/MySQL course, I created a web application that focused on event planning and preventing flakiness in attendance. This project allowed me to learn how to administer MySQL databases, code in PHP, and design interfaces with Materialize. This project is kept as an example of how I started out with backend web development and isn't intended to demonstrate my current software development process and practices.

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Contact me

How to best reach me:

smirnov [at] nyu [dot] edu
+1 650 427 0745