Walking down memory lane?

This is my data structures resources page from the Fall 2017 semester. It proved to be useful for my lab students and several others, so I have decided to keep it up for as long as this domain lives on.

As I have graduated from NYU in December 2017, this page will no longer be updated. Some links may be dead by now, however the slides should be accessible from any NYU-issued Google account. Please feel free to share this page with other students at NYU Poly who are learning data structures, and if you're a TA who wants to refer to this page, go ahead and do so.

And if you're a former student of mine, please don't be a stranger and say hello! I'm also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

CS 1134

Fall 2017, sections lead by Sergey and Mahmoud.

Hi! I'm Sergey Smirnov and I'm currently a super-senior at NYU. This semester, I am teaching CS 1134 labs with Mahmoud Abdo Fridays at 11am and 2pm. I major in computer science and have a keen interest in full stack applications and automation.

I also have a rather unhealthy habit of drinking hella Philz coffee and saying "hella".

Sergey's office hour is on Tuesday, 1-2pm and Mahmoud's office hour is Tuesday, 3-4pm. Both are in 2 MetroTech 10.098A-D.

General resources


Inspiration and Wisdom

Internships and Interviews

Week 1 Python review

Week 2 OOP, generators, & list comprehensions

Note: Please use the correct form corresponding to your section. You must submit each form within the first five minutes of the lab period. This is your attendance grade.

Week 3 Runtimes, orders of growth

Week 4 Recursion

Week 5 Recursion cont'd, analyzing MyList

Week 6 Midterm #1 review

I've updated the tips section above with some advice. Please go read! And make sure to keep practicing problems. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAM!

Week 7 Stacks & Queues

Week 8 Linked Lists

Week 9 Binary trees intro

Week 10 Binary tree traversals, midterm 2 preparation


Week 11 Binary Search Trees

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat plenty of turkey. 🦃

Week 12 AVL, hashing

Week 13 Review lab, Priority Queues and Heaps

Week 14 Priority Queues & Heaps, final reviews

GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FINALS! Get plenty of rest, eat well, and don't cram at the last minute.